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  Setting up
PayPal Credit (Ratenzahlung)

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Your Paypal account must be enabled for PayPal Credit or Ratenzahlung

PayPal Credit is used in the United States and United Kingdom

Paypal Ratenzahlung in Germany

Use this plugin with our PayPal plugin at

Connecting to PayPal

An API signature, password and user name are required to connect this plugin to PayPal

They are unique to each merchant and can be obtained from your PayPal account.

How to manually find your API signature

Login to PayPal to automatically retrieve your live API Signature

Setting up the Banners

After you account is enabled. Login in to

to find you Client ID and Secret Fields

Click to find your PayPal Client ID and Secret Fields

or view the Video Tutorial

copy the Clent ID and Secret Fields to the Ratenzahlung plugin.