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  Barclaycard Online Payments ePDQ Plugin Installation

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Screenshots and overview of the plugin.

How to configure the Barclaycard Online Payments ePDQ Plugin

After you have download the plugin installation file, upload it to Joomla.

Click on

Extensions, Extension Manager.

Look for

Upload Package File

and click on


Locate the folder in which you downloaded the plugin to and select

the exact name of the zip file will vary according to version.


Upload & Install.

Clicking will install the plugin to Virtuemart.

Locate and upload the plugin

If successful you will be taken to the payment method information page.

Set Published to Yes.

Click Save and then Configuration to Set the plugin up.

Payment Method Enabled

After clicking configuration you will see the setup screen for the plugin.

At a minimum you must enter your Login ID and SHA IN and SHA OUT values from your Barclaycard ePDQ account.

Minimum Setup

Go to Virtuemart and click on

Payment Methods
and New

In the Payment Name box enter a name for the payment method.

Remember this is the name that the shopper will see on the order form.

Change the payment method name


Save & Close

You will see Barclaycard ePDQ in the payment method list with a green tick next to it.

If you see a red tick, click it to change it to a green tick to publish the plugin.

Enable the Plugin

Setting up the plugin to update Virtuemart after a payment.

Click on configuration.

look for the following section at the base of the page.

URL for payments status "accepted", "on hold" or "uncertain".

substitute the URL of your own online shop in place of

URL for payments status "cancelled by the client" or "too many rejections by the acquirer".

SHA-OUT pass phrase

The SHA-OUT pass phrase defined by you in the Virtuemart plugin setup.

SHA-IN pass phrase

The SHA-IN pass phrase defined by you in the Virtuemart plugin setup.

Go to the Barclaycard admin page

Configuaration->Technical Information->Transaction Feedback

and set the sections marked in red as follows.

Other parts of the page can be ignored.


Then go to the Transaction Feedback page.

Configuaration->Technical Information->Transaction Feedback

and copy your SHA-OUT Pass value defined by you in the Virtuemart plugin setup.