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PayPal Sandbox Test Accounts

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(1) Login in to the PayPal Developer Website at using your PayPal login details.

(2) Click Dashboard


(3) Click Accounts on the left hand side of the page.

Sandbox Menu

(4) When logging in for the first time

Two accounts are automatically created for you

If you email address is the following accounts are made.

Customer Buyer Account

Merchant or Facilitator Account

Sandbox Test Account

(5) Find the personal account credit card number.

Click on the buyer email link, then



Sandbox Buyer Email Address

Sandbox Buyer Credit Card

Find you Business Account Details.

Click on your facilitator email address

Sandbox Merchant Email Address

PayPal Pro merchants should click "Upgrade to Pro" to convert the account for a "Business Account" to a "Business Pro Account".

Upgrade to Pro

Find you API Credentials.

API Credentials

Select the API Credentials tab.

Cut and paste you username, password and signature to your PayPal Pro or Express setup.

Then select sandbox or test mode and save.

Test PayPal Express with your sandbox buyer email address and test PayPal Pro with your buyer sandbox number.

Do not use any other test number as they may not work correctly and cause and error.