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  PayPal Pro Change Log

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Change Log and Release History.

Latest updates

Version 1.3.40

11 May 2021

Update for PHP 7.4 to remove deprecated code.

2 September 2020

Important update to maintain SSL secure connections.

Version 1.3.38

12 August 2020

More updates for Virtuemart 3.8 and above.

Version 1.3.36

06 August 2020

Plugin Selection Fix for Virtuemart 3.8 and above.

Version 1.3.35

09 July 2020

customer notes now display in the order confirmation page.

Version 1.3.34

21 May 2020

Update for Virtuemart 3.8.0 and above. Fixes selection issue with the native Virtuemart checkout. Third party checkouts are not effected.

Version 1.3.31

8 January 2020

Allows more control of how credit cards options are chosen, plus updates for the latest versions of PHP

Version 1.3.30

26 November 2019

Updates for VM 3.6.4 and above.

Fix problem that prevented the payments from been selected.

Version 1.3.23

Update for PHP 7.2. Removes warnings when using Joomla Developer Mode.

Version 1.3.22

Added support for PayPal Payflow plus Joomla update checking.

Version 1.3.19

30 April 2018

Update for PHP 7.1
Version 1.3.24

Updates for 3D Secure

1.3.19 - 30 April 2018

Update for compatibility with PHP 7.1

1.3.16 - 25 July 2017

Removed deprecated functions for compatibility with future releases of Joomla, whilst maintaining compatibility with previous versions.

1.3.15 - 27 May 2017

Refinements to recurring payments and subscriptions.

1.3.14 - 3 November 2016

Improvements to the checkout flow, plus extra checks to make sure only secure versions of Joomla are installed.

1.3.13 - 2 May 2016

Changes for PHP 7. Refinements to the jQuery checkout.

1.3.12 - 4 April 2016

Automatically detects credit card type based on the credit card number.

1.3.11 - 4 February 2016

Checks for out of date and insecure versions of Joomla.

1.3.10 - 16 November 2015

Updates to JavaScript for when one page checkout mode is set to off.

1.3.9 - 11 November 2015

Update for Virtuemart 3.10 compatibility.
Adds the option to optimize the HTML of check out page for "One Page Checkout" mode.
Substitutes a more user friendly message for the 10544 PayPal error - Please check your payment card details or use a different payment card.

1.3.8 - 3 August 2015

Minor changes to layout

1.3.7 - 22 July 2015

Added one page checkout option.

1.3.2  - 11 November 2014

Option to use less clicks to checkout.

1.3.1  - 22 October 2014

Added a single installer for both VM2 and VM3.

1.0.14  - 30 June 2014

Added the option to show or hide the Show/Hide CSC field. Normally the default setting of show would be used.

1.0.13a  - 29 May 2014

Changes to the order form to allow better compatibility with some templates.

Version 1.0.8

Introduces a more automated and faster installation process.

Version 1.0.7 - 7 October 2013

Changes to help with the display of attributes with third party attributes.

Version 1.0.6

When the plugin is first installed it is now automatically enabled in the Joomla Extension manager to simplify  the setup process. The invoice number of the order has also been added to the plugin confirmed order page. A link on how to find the API username, password and signature has been included in the plugin setup page.

Version - 1.0.5 - 1 June 2013

Shows an order summary on the payment confirmation page. Showing items bought, costs plus any discounts and sales tax. Includes the
invoice number and the currency used in the transaction.

Version - 1.0.4 - 10 May 2013

Checks if PHP Curl function is installed and give an error message if it is not.

A tooltip has been added to the order page, which explains what a credit card security code is when the customers mouse hovers over it.

Version - 1.0.3 - 21 March 2013

adds a editable language file. Allow the merchant to customize the text used in the plugin.

Version - 1.02 - 5 February 2013
clears shopping basket at the end of a transaction

Version 1.0.1 - 20 January 2013
adds logos for the different credit/debit card options available to US, UK and Canadian merchants .

Images are installed in the Virtuemart folder /images/stories/virtuemart/payment

Version 1.0.0 - 20 September 2012

Initial Release