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  PayPal SHA-256 Update

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Certificate upgrade for to SHA-256

PayPal Express
All releases of these plugins are fully compatible with the certificate upgrades, but we recommend upgrading to the latest version, to fully access of the features of each plugin.

PayPal Express Latest Upgrade

PayPal Pro
All versions of the plugin are fully compatible, but updating to the latest version is recommemed. You can upgrade to the latest 1.3.7 using the download link that came with the plugin.

PayPal Advanced
Live mode is fully compatible and you could continue to use all versions of the plugin with no interuption of service, but if you want to use test or pilot mode then an update is required.

You can upgrade to version 1.3.3 using the download link that came with the plugin..

Severside Changes
Most up to date servers should already support SHA-256 but check with your hosting provider if you are not sure.
To ensure compatibiltiy you should be using at a minimum Apache 2.0.63 or higher and OpenSSL 0.9.8o or higher.

PayPal Express/Pro Testing
The PayPal Sandbox has already been updated for SHA-256 support. To test your integration you should open a test account at
Set the plugin to test mode using the Virtuemart plugin setup and copy your sandbox username, password and transaction id to the setup. Use the test credit card number that came with your account to make an order. Using any other test number may cause an error.

PayPal Advanced Testing
Set the advanced plugin to test/pilot mode using the Virtuemart plugin setup. Then make an order using the test credit card number 4111 1111 1111 1111.

If you can successly make a test order without error messages then your website is compatible with the latest changes.