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PSD2 for PayPal Pro

UK For UK merchants - other countries can ignore this section

The Second Payments Services Directive (PSD2)

These are the new security requirements from the European Union affecting online payments will come in to force from 14 September 2019,
however some card issuers will begin implementing this in April 2019.

PayPal Pro direct users will need to update their integrations to meet the new PSD2 obligations. PSD2 applies to all European Union organisations
involved in online payments and will still apply to the UK after Brexit. Not implementing PSD2 counld lead to declined payments.

How to make your store compatible with PSD2

Integrating 3DS (3D Secure)
by April 2019 will let you comply with PSD2 and the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) requirements.

PayPal has partnered with CardinalCommerce to provide 3DS authentication. They will apply the the required level of authentication before
a cardholder's funds are released prior to sending PayPal your sale transaction.

The transaction will be declined if this authentication is not obtained.

Register your account with CardinalCommerce.

Set the cart type to custom and the language to PHP

Update your checkout to support 3DS authentication of the cardholder.

Test your integration using Cardinal's testing facilities.

Update to share the information you received in step 2.