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Allows you to accept credit cards, without the customer leaving your website.
Available for merchants in Germany and Brazil.
Customers are not required to have a PayPal account to make an order. It allows easier integration progress with all different payment types processed by the one plugin. PayPal figures show this results in a 40% higher conversion rate.

          PayPal Plus Demo Store

  • Standard Checkout - Free  1.3.29 17 October 2019

    PayPal Plus - Standard Version

    Free version of plugin. Payment options are shown on a 2nd page after clicking checkout.

  • One Page Checkout with User Support 1.4.46 19 November 2023 (€39 Euros)

    PayPal Plus - One Page Checkout

    PayPal and Credit Card options are displayed on the checkout page. Allow faster customer checkout. Plugin includes 12 month user support.

 The setup requires a PayPal Client ID and Secret field which can be
          obtained from the PayPal developer site.

          Find your PayPal Client ID and Secret field

Supported Payments

Brazil: Payment methods are Credit Card and PayPal.

Germany: Supported payments includes Credit Card, ELV (direct bank debit) and PayPal.

In this example below the customer is shown 3 different payment methods to choose from. They are displayed in an iframe which is seamlessly integrated into the store's order form.

The payment options are generated directly by the PayPal server and are dependent on the customers billing address and the country of origin of the merchant. Credit card logos are only shown if the plugin is set to live mode. In test mode no logos are shown but the credit card option can still be selected. The direct debit option is also only available in live mode and not test mode.

Example Credit Card Entry Page

It gives customers have the option to pay directly by credit card without signing up for PayPal. The credit card order form is hosted on the PayPal secure server and an SSL certificate is not require by the merchant.

Credit Card Checkout

Pay upon Invoice payments are setup in the merchant's PayPal account. No changes are required to the Virtuemart setup. If available they will be displayed by the plugin. Pay upon Invoice is not available to all merchants and can only be used for payments between 1.50 and 1480 Euros.

Latest updates

1.4.46 - 19 November 2023

Updates for PHP 8.1 and 8.2 compatibility.

20 May 2022

changes for Virtuemart 4 compatibility.

1.3.44 28 October 2021

Modification for Joomla 4 compatibility. Backwards compatible with Joomla 3. Optimisations for efficient loading.

1.3.43 8 October 2021

Improved compatibility with a wider range of templates. Adds a "connecting to server" message on the redirect to PayPal page.

1.3.42 24 May 2021

Re-matches the invoice number on PayPal to the Virtuemart invoice number, which was unset in 1.3.40

24 April 2021

PayPal have fixed their issues with the Chrome browser, so the Ajax fix option has been removed as that is no longer required. Minor changes to error messages.

1.3.39 19 January 2021

update for user of the Virtuemart native one page checkout and selection issues caused by samesite cookies.

1.3.37 28 August 2020

fix for Chrome browser and changes to its handling of samesite cookies.

1.3.35 17 August 2020

fix for Virtuemart 3.8.0 and above which prevented the plugin from working in one page mode when PayPal Plus is the only payment option.

1.3.34  16 July 2020

Improved handling of third party payments.

1.3.33  21 December 2019

More updates for Kauf auf Rechnung transactions.

1.3.32  28 November 2019

Changes for VM 3.6.4 and above. Logos and store names for the PayPal page can now be added using the plugin. These override the logos defined in your PayPal account. If you have more than one shop these allow different logos and shop names to be linked to the same PayPal account.

5 November 2019

Extra information for Kauf auf Rechnung transactions are now recorded in the backend and also on the customer invoices.
Tightened up code to prevent the confirm status from been triggered more than once. Fixed issue causing VP One Page to hang under certain setups.

31 October 2019

fixed issue caused by Chrome translate changing the cart page and preventing the correct payment method from been selected.

Version 1.3.29

17 October 2019

paid download with 12 user support and installation if required.

Version 1.3.28

2 October 2019

fix for VM 3.6 Selection problems.

End of support for free plugin.

Version 1.3.27

18 September 2019

fix for VM 3.6 when country restrictions are in place. Other issues remain to be fixed.

Version 1.3.24

24 June 2019

fix to ensure correct payment status is recorded.

Version 1.3.23

11 June 2019

modifications to language file, plus minor fixes.

Version 1.3.22

11 May 2019

add support for restricting the plugin to specified categories.

Version 1.3.21

3 March 2019

add modifications for use with PayPal Express.

Version 1.3.20

19 December 2019

adds support for our PayPal PayPal Ratenzahlung plugin in the payment wall.

Version 1.3.19

updates for VP One Page Checkout compatibility.

Version 1.3.18

Updates for PHP7.2 compatibility. Added support for shopper groups in the payment wall.

Version 1.3.16

25 September

updates for PHP 7.1 compatibility

Version 1.3.15

09 July 2018

Version 1.3.14

18 June 2018

Allows third party payment methods to be included in the PayPal Plus payment wall.

Version 1.3.12

03 May 2018

Fix to add RecipientName to shipping address when different from billing address.

Version 1.3.11

01 May 2018

Update for PHP 7.1 compatibility.

Version 1.3.10

11 April 2018

Updated German language files.

Version 1.3.9

30 December 2017

Added PayPal Plus transaction details to the order details in the backend of the store.

Version 1.3.7

19 September 2017

Added one page checkout option to setup.

Version 1.3.6a

13 September 2017

Removed some debug info from confirmation page.

Version 1.3.5

11 September 2017

Fix for connection problems effecting previous update for some configurations.

Version 1.3.3

7 August 2017

Updates to language file and smoother exception handling when connecting to the PayPal server.

Version 1.3.2

28 July 2017

Modified code to improve the handling of any exception errors caused by the PayPal server during the payment process.

Version 1.3.1

7 April 2017

First public release of plugin. Automatically fills in credit card address fields on the payment server.

Version 1.3.0

November 2016

Original plugin for custom site.