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 Authorize.Net DPM (Direct Post)

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Authorize.Net DPM

Keep your customers on your site while reducing your PCI Requirement

Customer experience is simlar to AIM integration, while remaining
more secure than standard AIM web site.

  • The customer enters their credit card directly into their website.
  • Each order is protected by its own unique digital fingerprint and 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • No credit card data is saved on your site making the process more secure, and safer from attack by hackers.
  • The plugin is intended for merchants who wish to keep customers on their site, but do not want the PCI
    problems associated with a full AIM integration.
  • Supports United States dollars, British Pounds and Euros.
  • Download the plugin
    This is the full version of our Authorize Net DPM Payment Plugin and is intended for merchants with an Authorize Net account or one with an Authorize.Net compatible account who use Virtuemart 2.

Customer Order Form

Credit Card Entry Screen

Customer Receipt Page

DPM Confirmation Screen

Merchant Configuration Screen

Configuration Screen 1

Configuration Screen 2

The plugin automatically works out your "Relay Response URL". This is used by Authorize.Net to return the customer to the store after a transaction. You copy the "Relay Response URL" to your Authorize.Net account.

Order Details stored in Authorize.Net Account